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Restaurants near Knotty & Nice

Hot Springs, Arkansas has many fine exclusive restaurants in the area serving breakfast, lunch or dinner with the most delicious foods. Enjoy restaurants within 5-7 miles right on Lake Hamilton or go downtown where there are many fine restaurants within 13 to 15 miles.

Best Restaurants in Hot Springs, AR

One of the most important parts of any vacation is the quality of its restaurants. If you are staying at the Knotty and Nice Cabins, you are in luck! Hot Springs, Arkansas hides a culinary dream in its city limits. You'll find top-tier Italian restaurants, quaint Mexican restaurants, and soulful southern comfort food. 
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Fisherman's Wharf

Enjoy your meal in this fine restaurant on Lake Hamilton in Hot Springs, AR. The food is delicious (steaks, seafood, etc.), scenery and atmosphere are amazing. Fisherman's wharf is right on Lake Hamilton. Dine inside or dine in the screened in area open to the water. Drive up in your boat or come off of the highway in the parking lot. Either way you definitely will enjoy the food, scenery and atmosphere.

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Pancake Shop

If you want the most delicious pancakes and all other breakfast foods come to The Pancake Shop is downtown in the historic district. They are open from 6:00 AM until 11:45 PM. Come early and enjoy the food.

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Ohio Club

To see the history of Al Capone and other mobsters who were regular customers in the Hot Springs area many years ago go downtown in the historic district to The Ohio Club in Hot Springs, Arkansas. It is one of the best well known restaurants/bars. There are many artifacts, pictures and statues of Al Capone inside with the history of when he came to Hot Springs, AR. Take a trip downtown, come in and enjoy the food, alcoholic beverages and the scenery. There is also the Mobster Museum near the Ohio Club.